Refrigerator Clean Out Turned BEST Soup Ever!!

Refrigerator Clean Out Turned BEST Soup Ever!!

Growing up, convenience food was never a part of our household. Every meal was created with love  and cooked from scratch rather than taken from a box. I'm grateful for the lessons I have learned from my mother and grandmothers, who emphasized the importance of flavor and cooking with love. My childhood was filled with a diverse array of dishes from around the world.

My French grandma, born in Morocco, was an amazing cook. Her cooking left unforgettable tastes and smells. From Peruvian delicacies to exquisite French cuisine, the food that she prepared was the reason why my father married my mother. She could even effortlessly transform wild game into a gourmet feast. On the other side, my grandmother from Thailand shared her incredible knowledge of gardening and the art of infusing herbs to tantalize every taste bud. She continues to grow a wide variety of herbs, produce, and before she tends to her peppers, she picks a fight with my grandfather... because she says "the meaner you are, the hotter the pepper." I truly do believe her!

My mother, drawing inspiration from both grandmothers, has skillfully blended their teachings into her own unique fusion. She has become a culinary artist, and I have eagerly followed in the footsteps of these remarkable women. In all honesty, my husband may have married me from their contributions as well... well not the main reason, but it does help. My aspiration is to carry on the tradition of creating fresh, homemade meals infused with love, passing down this cherished art to the generations that follow.

Now, I understand that I mainly share about herbs, beekeeping, and life on the homestead, but food is truly the best medicine for your body and if you look at it like that, then it may help you on your healing journey. If you are interested in learning more about food for your health or what I do/where to start, my beautiful friend Jessica over at Verdant Glow Nutrition has been my guide for understanding Macronutrients. I look to food for more than just feeling full, it is about nourishment, love, and not being wasteful. 

One of my winter activities is preparing a large pot of soup for my family. As the snow falls and the fire crackles, the warmth of the soup not only satisfies their bellies but also provides goodness for their health. On this snowy day, although unplanned, I found myself raiding the fridge to piece together a nourishing pot of soup for my family. This is what I had: a half of a chicken carcass from a few days ago, onion, lime, jalapeño pepper, chicken stock from the pantry, a few handfuls of cherry tomatoes, a container of yellow rice, and some leftover cilantro along with herbs and spices. I knew I could create something with this and I recall a delicious Mexican chicken soup that would hit the spot on a day like this. 

As I mixed all the ingredients, the aroma of something delicious began to fill the house. Before long, it was ready to fill our bellies and warm our bones. As I filled our bowls with “refrigerator scraps” it brought a smile to my face with every ladle I poured. Utilizing the chicken scraps and understanding the effort invested in raising this chicken to provide multiple meals for my family- filled me with genuine gratitude. It is using what you have rather than letting it go to waste. It is creating food medicine and making a meal truly with love. It also now has me itching in anticipation for the upcoming garden season and apparently a newfound desire to cultivate a lime tree!

I hope that this encourages you to look at food as medicine and also how to create something entirely nutritious from your next refrigerator clean out. 

Until next time,

Kaylee Richardson


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