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The Honeystead

Holistic Winter Wellness Guide (E-Book)

Holistic Winter Wellness Guide (E-Book)

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Our Holistic Winter Wellness Guide offers a wealth of knowledge, including material medica for herbs, foods to prep your body, and so much more.

This guide is filled with organic recipes, holistic remedies, and essential tips to fortify your family's well-being this winter. Explore it to embrace a healthier, happier you. Cheers to a winter of well-being!


Table Of Contents:

Welcome and Introduction

Letter from Kaylee and Jill

Getting Started

Holistic Winter Wellness Checklist

Understanding Your Body

Preparing Your Body for a Resilient Winter

Strengthening Your Body's Defenses

Nutrition for Wellness

Foods to Boost Immunity

Nourishing Bone Broth

Immune-Boosting Veggie Soup

Mushroom Broth: Recipe and Benefits

Exploring Adaptogens

Mushroom Broth: Recipe and Benefits

Understanding Adaptogens: Definition and Overview

Herbal Recipes for Wellness

Herbal Tea Blend for Wellness

Kid-Friendly Herbal Tea Blend

Tincture for Wellness

Traditional Remedies

Fire Cider: Recipe, Benefits, Dosage

Pineapple Tea: Recipe, Benefits

Elderberry Syrup: Recipe, Benefits, Dosage

Kid-Friendly Honey/Cough Syrup: Recipe, Benefits, Dosage

Balms and Rubs

DIY Bath Balm Formula

Chest Rub Formula

Cooking for Wellness

Stovetop Recipe: Benefits, Alternative Ingredients, Tips

Connecting with Nature

Seasonal Foraging for Wellness

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